July, 02 2014 – Meeting in Zoppola

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,
the City of Zoppola, in collaboration with our Association, has decided to promote a visit to “AQUILEIA CONCORDIA and inseparable relationship with Celso Costantini.”
The visit will take place Saturday, July 26, 2014, according to the attached program, and will be led by prof. Msgr. Fabio Bruno Pighin.
In preparation for the visit to the above, the City has promoted an interesting evening, which is open to all who are interested in participating, Wednesday, July 2 pv at 20.30, in the birthplace of the brothers John and Celso Costantini in Castions Zoppola.
In circumstance will speak the same prof. Pighin to illustrate, with screenings, readings and explanations, the theme of the visit.
We also welcome those who intend to attend the meeting, even if they can not make the trip to Concordia and Aquileia.

Pordenone, June 29, 2014. Management Association

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