October 18, 2014 – Florence, capital of sacred art


On October 18, 2014, a delegation of members of the Association Friends of Cardinal Celso Costantini went to Florence , invited by the "Sacred Art School " in Florence , a structure of high-level training in the field of sacred arts. It is a unique institution of its kind in Italy , is international and is directed by the renowned American artist Dony Mc Manus . The call is directly linked to the figure of Cardinal Celso Costantini , who was a great hero in Christian art of the twentieth century . So the President lawyer . Pompey Pitter and Msgr. Pighin have willingly accepted the invitation on behalf of this Association and along with a large group of members visited Florence. Led by two experts in the first place to visit some of the greatest masterpieces of sacred Gothic and Renaissance Florence ; Guests of Sacred Art School to learn about reality and prospects of sacred art in the third millennium.
 The two days were very intense and pleasantly lived by all participants . Here are some pictures of days



IMG_1651 IMG_1652 IMG_1647


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