Who is Celso Costantini?

He was born in 1876 in Castions di Zoppola (PN), graduated at the university of Rome whith a degree in philosophy and theology and was ordained a priest in Portogruaro (VE). He then ruled the Roraigrande, Concordia and Aquileia parishes.

General Vicar in 1918, he became Apostolic Adminitrator of River (1920) and the first Apostolic Delegate to China (1922).

He was Archbishop Secretary of the Sacred Congregation of Propaganda FIDE in 1935 and Cardinal in 1953, he was Holy Roman Church’s Chancellor until 1958, the year of his death.

He was a caring pastor, an appreciated sculptor and a prolific writer. He was a brilliant strategist socialy and also a good diplomat, a promoter of historical turning points whith China, and he had vision in his role in the ecclesiastical governement.

By means of the ecumenical council he was a promoter of the Church’s reform. He rendered a dialogue possible between religions. He was a leader in international relations, in 1944 he saved the life of statesman Alcide De Gasperi and he became a promoter of peace and of close ties between East and West.