About Us

The association is made up of members, of which total is 442 as of 2016.

According to the payment of the annual fee, they are Ordinary Members (€.20), Supporters (€50) or Benefactors (€100).

Anyone can become members, regardless of nation or political party or religion they belong to.

The Board of Directors of the Association is composed of


avv. Pompeo Pitter, Presidente


prof. mons. Bruno Fabio Pighin, Direttore


sig. Francesco Rosset, Vice-Direttore

dott. Gianluigi Ornella, Tesoriere;
sig. Gilberto Milan, Segretario
don Roberto Tondato, Consigliere;
comm. Tomaso Boer, Consigliere;
ing. Luigi Campello, Consigliere;
ing. Giovanni Cattaneo, Consigliere;
avv. Mauro Capuzzo, Consigliere;
prof. don Marino Rossi, Consigliere;
dott. Paolo Rossi, Consigliere.